I think I’m done trying to take notes on tablets


  • Moleskine notebook doesn’t need recharging…
  • App developers being bought by larger companies (looking at you PenUltimate / EverNote) means suddenly my notebooks require a login to retrieve.
  • Notes take up a surprising amount of space (large bitmaps i suppose)
  • Note / drawing apps are crash-happy in my experience.
  • iPad styluses – I’m hard on them. I love my bamboo stylus for drawing, but if i’m trying to write with it daily, I tear up the nib in no-time.
  • Taking notes in a dimmed room during a presentation projection – Lights up my face.
  • My handwriting is FAR too big on tablets. A 2-page moleskin meeting becomes a 15-page monstrosity in my note taking apps
  • I miss paper texture sometimes




I’ve been informed that there is a Moleskine Journal app for iPad that will answer many of my problems. I’ll see about giving it a test and see what I think.

Here is a link to a review of the app at iPad Appstorm

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