Workout and Nutrition Log Website

Like the rest of the world, I’ve decided to start paying more attention to my health with the new year. I found this website in the process.


It seems to be flexible enough for what I’m trying to do – allowing for both tracking of what I’m eating and activities.  It also is yet another place to do weigh-in progress tracking, etc.

My favorite features are the custom workouts which I can easily mark-off as a whole, or mark progress on individual activities within.

I’m hoping that if this tuff is easily recorded, I will be able to keep an accurate account of my info so that I can see if what I’m doing is sufficient.

If anyone signs up, and wants to link to me – I’m the usual digiscott on there as well.

One thought on “Workout and Nutrition Log Website

  1. Hey Scott,

    Nothing profound, I’m mainly just walking through this in reference to my new site you’re working on, to see how it works. I prefer outdoor exercise myself, and will hopefully get there today after the Wisconsin temp has thawed from several days in the deep freeze. Cheers!

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