Monthly Archives: April 2008

Finetune is my friend

I don’t often just endorse websites or software, but Finetune is a great example of where software is going. With a full-fledged music-player, playlist builder, and radio functionality online – they took it a step further and started providing air applications to play from your desktop. See finetune desktop

Additionally, they took the initiative to build a wii-compatible version of the site. This means all your content is playable through your sound-system via the wii internet browser and your television. This is no small challenge, since their framework is flash 9, and the wii opera-browser is only flash 7.

Niftyness abounds

New Look, New Beginning

Its been a long time since I’ve updated, so the blog has undergone a new look, as well as a new content philosophy. Karen and I both will be maintaining the blog. We also will be shifting the focus to showcasing the work we’re doing on our new place (as soon as we have one), keeping track of several health-goals we’ve set for ourselves, showing off some of the hobbies we have, and other general nonsense.

Here’s to a new beginning.