Monthly Archives: October 2005

Transforming McDonalds Toys

Look what my parent’s found in storage! McDonald’s “Changeables” Happy Meal Toys I thoght these went the way of most McDonald’s toys we had – the $0.25 bin at a yardsale. This is “my half” of the collection. Brian has duplicates of most of these, but lacks the french-fries, where I’m missing the milkshake. They’re in pretty rough condition – they were left in a leaky garage in a box. But that’s nothing I can’t clean up with some qtips, rubbing alcohol, and a lot of patience.

mcTransform1 mcTransform2

Villans, You face THE TICK

Karen Picked up the 15in Tick Doll still in his box (though slightly sun-faded) from The Earth on the same trip that I got Optimus.

Tick in Box

Then, having been bitten by the collector bug, she bought the 3″ figurines on Ebay. I hung them on the wall in our hallway today. No, the pins don’t go through the cards, but some of them had previously been pinned anyway.

tick wall 1 tick wall 2

Note the row of evildoers is surrounded on both sides by rows of superheros.

Toy Displays

While kitten-proofing the house, I bought and installed some shelves for the toys and models I’ve been collecting.

whole display

My feature toys are the [b]Anniversary edition Optimus[/b] (see left bellow), and the [b]used Optimus[/b] that I found at [url=]Earthcollectible[/url]. He is the same model as the first toy I ever purchased. (see right bellow)

new optimus old optimus

The other shelves have some Gundam Models that I built while bored to tears during the week-day evenings in Wisconsin, as well as a model of the Dalorean Time machine, and some of the new Alternators Transformers.

Yay Nostalgia!