Monthly Archives: June 2005

Graphics class intro

I got and customized a new class that utilizes the drawing api – but breaks it down into function calls like “obj.fillHex(radius, x, y)”

I eventually settled on posting this. I used my new drawing class to make the hex, and was testing to make sure I could still treat it as a movieclip correctly. I used a random number and two arrays to pick a property, and animate it to a random number with customized limiting numbers each time the hex is clicked. You never know just what it’ll do.

Color Object Fun

After playing with Ian’s project at Daapworks (, I was in the mood to play with color and maybe figure out where Ian got some of the numbers he was using in his actionscript.

I made a little sketch that assumes 255 for red, but makes the green values based on _xmouse, and blue values based on _ymouse to change the color of a movieclip that I put behind a drawing api mask just for a refresher with good ‘ol setmask.